Pure, organic essential oils are used for massage in facials. They are also used to scent our rooms

What exactly is a Facial?

 At  F A C E T S  O F  B E A U T Y  we never assume you know what happens in a Beauty Salon hence you may not know what a Facial is!

You may never have set foot in a salon, let alone had a facial. Hopefully this article will inspire you. Every single client who had their first facial at Facets Of Beauty has made the same comment:

“I wonder why I didn’t do this before!”
The sooner the better but it is not too late ! Our choice of product for facials is Payot for amazing results.

Here we go! For you, a F A C E T S  O F  B E A U T Y facial is an exquisitely, deeply relaxing and pampering experience. For your skin, it is a dynamic, correcting, nourishing, health giving workout! Cue quiet music, you start to relax, the contoured bed is just so comfy.

We perform a careful diagnosis of your skin and listen to your feedback regarding any issues like sensitivity, allergy, medications. Then we proceed with your facial.

Each step of the facial involves massage, beginning with the cleansing of your face, eye area, neck and decollete (top of chest). We follow with toning lotion to intensify the cleanse. Next is exfoliation to help shift some stubborn dead surface cells. This allows ingredients to work better.

And now for the BEST part, the massage with a sumptuous balm and essential oil. 15 to 20 minutes of pure bliss as the muscles of your face, neck and shoulders surrender to the magic hands of your Beauty Therapist. You’ll never want it to end – I never do!

Warm towel, appropriate treatment mask then hydration and sunscreen for your skin completes your facial.

The results from a Facial?

You look fantastic! Superbly clean and revitalised skin with visible improvement. The massage improves circulation to aid healthy cell turnover and help with toxin removal. A regular facial, generally monthly keeps your skin toned and firm because the massage works your muscles. In conjunction, superior active ingredients deliver further protection and ongoing results. People who have regular facials look YOUNGER longer. True story.

What Next?
To help you choose a facial including our vegan option, head over to our facial packages.

A Facets of Beauty Gift Card is a great option to spread the love of facials! A lovely gift idea for all occasions. Drop the hint for yourself!




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